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Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010


Film Kamen Rider kali ini agak berbeda dan terasa sedikit istimewa. Kenapa? Karena di dalam Kamen Rider Decade The Movie ini menampilkan SEMUA kesatria baja hitam. Dari ksatria baja hitam RX sampai kstaria baja hitam Faiz, Kuga, Amazon dll ada semuanya disini. Walau pada awalnya, smua kamen rider saling bertarung satu sama lainnya di awal cerita akan tetapi, di akhir cerita mereka semua bersatu melawan satu musuh final mereka.

Ryuta Tazaki
Riku Sanjyo (written by)
Shoji Yonemura (written by)
Release Date:
12 December 2009 (Japan)

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Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg (2009) IDWS

Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction should really be titled Alex Fong: Robot in Love. Director Jeff Lau (Chinese Odyssey 2002, plus many classic Stephen Chow films) and the participating production companies sell their action-comedy on the promise of kung-fu and CGI effects that resemble the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers. It's a hollow promise; despite possessing bits of both, the film doesn't satisfy in either the kung-fu or visual effects department, and instead goes mostly for love, padding out its running time with romantic shenanigans, crossed attraction, and that existential battle against your inner desires. Or something. Actually, Lau accomplishes a few minor things in Kungfu Cyborg that are unexpected and even notable. But are those things enough to mark this film as quality? Not really, no.

The year is 2046 and state-built robot K-1 (singer-swimmer Alex Fong Lik-Sun) is entrusted to the care of Xu Dachun (Hu Jun), a super-righteous and supposedly incorruptible cop stationed in the Chinese countryside. Unfortunately, Dachun is only righteous when it comes to crime, and totally hates K-1 because the robot catches the eye of Dachun's longtime crush, neighbor and fellow cop Zhou Su-Mei (Betty Li of Painted Skin). It shouldn't matter, because K-1 is programmed not to love, but that doesn't stop Dachun from looking to screw K-1 every chance that he gets. Meanwhile, Su-Mei finds the handsome and crazy coiffed K-1 (Fong sports a ridiculous pompadour like Jude Law in A.I.) mysteriously attractive, and minor bonds of romance form between the two. Left to fume in the background, Dachun decides that he has to make his move or lose Su-Mei forever. Who will win Su-Mei's heart, the super robot or the super dope?

Hold on. Isn't this movie called Kungfu Cyborg? Where are the martial arts? And why is the first half hour like some China remake of Making Mr. Right? The answer: unknown, but that's what Kungfu Cyborg is like, so the audience better get with the program, or they'll be risk unhappiness. However, any effort to avoid disappoint with the film may be wasted. Granted, the target audience in China may be forgiving because the actors are at least semi-popular if not actual stars, plus the film takes place in a recognizably rural China location and some of the gags are language or culture specific. However, those who watched the trailer thinking this movie would be the China version of Transformers may be put off by just how sporadic the visual effects and action are. Other than three decently sized set pieces combining action and effects, the film is a cheaply staged situation comedy, with Lau delivering some good gags and an equal amount of bad ones. Let's just say he bats .500 there.

Unfortunately, the film mixes its genres poorly, and delivers everything at an interminable pace. The film's extended romantic subplot between Alex Fong and Betty Li is conveyed through endless sidelong glances and silent navel-gazing, which combines with inconsistent shtick from Hu Jun and co-star Ronald Cheng to give the film the appearance of zero momentum. Some minor self-referential Jeff Lau humor keeps things marginally afloat (e.g., the appearance of Law Kar-Ying, or Lau's usual Wong Kar-Wai parodies), and the film finally perks up with the arrival of the first action sequence, which features K-1 and Dachun taking down a thief. The sequence offers some decent effects and visual gags, but once it ends its back to the romance storyline, with Dachun growing increasingly jealous of K-1, while K-1 wrestles with his growing emotions. Ronald Cheng plays yet another suitor for Su-Mei, and Gan Wei plays Su-Mei's wild-haired sister, who also figures into the romantic shenanigans as a fifth party. That means everyone in the featured cast is linked romantically.

Well, Wu Jing isn't – at least, not obviously. Wu plays K-88, a cyborg who questions his makers and decides to go rogue, resulting in murder and an eventual K-1 vs. K-88 showdown. That set piece is the second big effects sequence and the one that should get audiences buzzing because that's when the Transformers-aping effects start up. Centro Digital does an okay job with the visual effects, and the character models look more like Transformers from the TV cartoons than Michael Bay's big screen versions did. However, the effects are hurt by lousy staging; the CGI is usually separated from backgrounds and props via cutaways or blocking, and the scenes are also unnaturally dark. The final set piece is fun because it enlarges the scale of the fighting and throws in some cultural gags, but it's also completely nonsensical. Ultimately, the effects play less like integrated visuals and more like video game cutscenes between sitcom filler. The kung-fu is also disappointing. There's one small bit of slow-motion wushu from the barely-appearing Wu Jing, but beyond that there's little to warrant the word "kung fu" in Kung Fu Cyborg.

Then again, the Chinese title of Kungfu Cyborg doesn't even feature the words "kung fu", instead translating to "robot hero". That's a more accurate, if boring title and one that wouldn't cause unfounded expectations by an English-speaking audience. However, even if they hadn't gone for the bait-and-switch title, it may not have made a difference. Kungfu Cyborg is simply ill conceived, concentrating too much on its love story when it has more to work with. The actors are decent ones, but their performances are only notable for the novelty, e.g. Alex Fong as a romantic hero or Hu Jun as a comic cop. Where the film does surprise is in its non-romance plot threads, which positively portray an individual rebelling against his programming and breaking authority-imposed rules to preserve life or express love. Those ideas are not new ones, but considering the restrictions with which Chinese movies are made nowadays, it seems quietly subversive and even daring to write the film that way. If anything, Jeff Lau should get some credit for getting away with his themes. Too bad about the movie, though. (Kozo 2009)

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Seorang bos kejahatan kecil-kecilan membunuh seorang pengedar narkoba tanpa menyadari bahwa pengedar obat bius bekerja untuk bos kejahatan terbesar di negeri ini.

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Sebuah aksi komedi baru hidup-petualangan longgar berdasarkan segmen "" Bertuah Apprentice Disney's Fantasia. Dalam Manhatten hari modern, master penyihir Balthazar Blake (Nicholas Cage) mencoba untuk melindungi kota dari arch nemesis-nya, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina), seorang penyihir jahat dengan rencana jahat. Horvath bertekad untuk klaim New York City untuk tujuan sendiri yang jahat, dan enlists sebuah sulap (Tony Kebbell) untuk membantu dia mencapai tujuan itu. Mengingat kekuatan hebat yang bekerja melawan dia, Blake tidak merasa bahwa ia dapat mencapai misi ini sendirian. Untuk membantu dalam usaha, dia mencari seorang pria yang tampaknya rata-rata, Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), yang direkrut untuk magang Blake. Stutler awalnya skeptis, dan enggan untuk terlibat, tetapi akhirnya diyakinkan oleh Blake untuk membantu dalam masalah ini. Blake memberikan Stutler kursus kilat ajaib, dan kecelakaan selalu terjadi. Ada juga bunga cinta di sudut bahaya ke alur cerita yang memberikan motivasi tambahan untuk Stutler. Bersama-sama, Blake dan Stutler mengambil Horvath dalam perjuangan baik versus jahat klasik.

Genre : Action | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Company : Broken Road Productions

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Warkop [ Dono.Kasino.Indro] Film Collection (1979-1994) IDWS

halo sobat 2satu....kali ini gw posting ke masalalu....yaaaa sedikit nostalgila eh nostalgia film2 warkop....jd inget masa kecil doeloe....sobat2satu pasti semua tahu film2 wakrop...halah warkop
nah berikut link downloadnya

01. Mana Tahaaan… (1979)

02. Gengsi Dong (1980)

03. Pintar Pintar Bodoh (1980)

04. GeEr - Gede Rasa (1980)

05. Manusia 6.000.000 Dollar (1981)

07. Setan Kredit (1981)

08. Dongkrak Antik (1982)

09. Chips (1982)

10. Maju Kena Mundur Kena (1983)

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11. Pokoknya Beres (1983)
Downloads Movies Part 1
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12. Itu Bisa Diatur (1984)

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13. Tahu Diri Dong (1984)

Downloads Movies Part 1
Downloads Movies Part 2

14. Kesempatan Dalam Kesempitan (1985)

15. Gantian Dong (1985)

16. Atas Boleh Bawah Boleh (1986)

CD 2 Part 1 CD 2 Part 2 CD 2 Part 3 CD 2 Part 4 CD 2 Part 5
CD 1 Part 1 CD 1 Part 2 CD 1 Part 3 CD 1 Part 4CD 1 Part 5

18. Depan Bisa Belakang Bisa (1987)

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20. Saya Suka Kamu Punya (1987)

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21. Jodoh Boleh Diatur (1988)

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22. Malu-Malu Mau (1988)

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23. Godain Kita Dong (1989)

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24. Sabar Dulu Doong…! (1989)

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25. Mana Bisa Tahan (1990)

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Downloads Movies Part 3
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26. Sudah Pasti Tahan (1991)

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27. Bisa Naik Bisa Turun (1991)

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29. Masuk Kena Keluar Kena (1992)

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30. Salah Masuk (1992)

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32. Bagi-Bagi Dong (1993)

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33. Saya Duluan Dong (1994)

34. Pencet Sana Pencet Sini (1994)

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Pankh ( 2010 )


File Type…………………MKV
credit to 300mbfilms.com

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The Great Indian Butterfly | 2010


The Great Indian Butterfly- A must for warring couples!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5*

Starring: Aamir Bashir, Sandhya Mridul, Barry John and Koel Purie

Director: Sarthak Dasgupta

The Great Indian Butterfly narrates the tale of a young urban couple Krish (Aamir Bashir) and Meera (Sandhya Mridul). Forgetting their hectic lives, both Krish and Meera set out on their long impending vacation to Goa. While Meera wants to unwind on the beaches and scenic places, Krish has another agenda that is to search for the great Indian Butterfly. Last seen by an unknown Portuguese explorer Carodiguez, the mythical Indian butterfly is symbolic of luck, peace and happiness. All through out their journey they never for once are at peace with the other and the banter goes on till it gets worse. But then do they eventually find the Butterfly? Does happiness elude them once more or does their relationship get a second chance? It is all unravelled through the rest of the plot.

Debutante director Sarthak Dasgupta has done a decent job where showing the conflict between the couple is concerned. He has also touched upon rare emotions and conveyed his point without much confusion. One of the most interesting parts of the film are the ones where the fights between the couple. It gives an insight of the metro cities staying couples face in reality. However, the letdown parts are the never ending monologues about happiness, butterfly and the symbolic valley that are too stretched. Despite its short running time of over 100 minutes the plot appears stagnated in the second half. An overdose of songs could also have been avoided. While the cinematography by Shanker Raman is good overall, one doesn’t understand how a few out of focus shots were not noticed!

Aamir Bashir does a decent job but Sandhya Mridul is simply outstanding and her English isn’t with a fake accent but how an average Mumbai girl would generally speak. Koel Purie in her short role manages to leave her impression. Barry John (last seen in Teen Patti) playing the narrator of what the Great Indian Butterfly is all about is passable.

The Great Indian Butterfly is a decent multiplex film that may help a few warring couples who stay in big metros. If you are looking for an entertainer then this film is not for you.

File Type…………………MKV
credit to 300mbfilms.com

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Film yang mengisahkan tentang sebuah dunia dimana Naga masih ada dan menyebar teror tiap beberapa waktu. Maka dibutuhkanlah kesatria untuk menaklukkan Naga tersebut. Adalah seorang Lian-Chu yang tampil menjadi kesatria itu, dia dengan latar belakang keluarga yang juga dihabisi oleh Naga tersebut. Petualangan pun berlanjut sampai Akhirnya Naga dikalahkan.

Quality: DVDRip (700MB)
Info: imdb.com/title/tt0944834
Starring: Vincent Lindon, Forest Whitaker, Patrick Timsit


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EnterUpload (mkv-300MB)
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Sehebat apapun seseorang, ia pasti punya satu titik kelemahan. Dan siapa yang mampu mencari titik kelemahan ini maka ia akan bisa dengan mudah mengalahkan orang itu. Itulah yang dipikirkan oleh Maltazard (Lou Reed) ketika merancang jebakan untuk Arthur (Freddie Highmore).
Betapa senang hati Arthur ketika melihat berakhirnya bulan kesepuluh yang artinya ia bisa segera kembali ke negeri Minimoy untuk menemui Putri Selenia (Madonna) yang telah dirindukannya. Putri Selenia yang juga merindukan Arthur pun segera mempersiapkan pesta untuk menyambut kedatangan Arthur. Sayang karena sesuatu, Arthur tak bisa buru-buru kembali ke negeri Minimoy.
Di detik-detik terakhir, tiba-tiba seekor laba-laba datang dengan membawa sebutir beras yang ternyata bertuliskan permintaan tolong. Tak perlu waktu lama buat Arthur untuk menyadari kalau Putri Selenia sedang dalam bahaya. Tanpa berpikir panjang, Arthur pun segera berangkat ke negeri Minimoy meski itu artinya ia harus menghadapi serangkaian tantangan yang tak ringan.
Anehnya, ketika Arthur tiba di negeri Minimoy, ternyata tak seorang pun mengirimkan permintaan pertolongan itu dan Arthur pun sadar kalau ini semua pasti adalah tipu daya Maltazard.

Quality: DVDRip (300MB)
Info: imdb.com/title/tt0940657/
Starring: Selena Gomez, Lou Reed, Freddie Highmore

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Youth In Revolt" adalah cerita tentang petualangan liar dari seorang remaja bernama Nick Twisp yang memenuhi gadis impiannya saat liburan keluarga dan harus mengubah hidupnya dan kehidupan semua orang di sekelilingnya agar terbalik bersamanya.

Quality: DVDRip (mkv-320MB)
Info: imdb.com/title/tt0403702/
Starring: Michael Cera, Portia Doubleday

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Metropia (2009)


[FORMAT]:…………………..[ Matroska
[GENRE]:……………………[ Animation | Sci-Fi | Thriller
[FILE SIZE]:………………..[ 400 MiB
[NO OF CDs]:………………..[ 1
[RESOLUTION]:……………….[ 1280*688
[ASPECT RATIO]:……………..[ 1.860
[FRAME RATE]:……………….[ 24 fps
[LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English
[SUBTITLES]:………………..[ none
[ORIGINAL RUNTIME]:………….[ 01:25:00
[RELEASE RUNTIME]:…………..[ 01:21:00
[SOURCE]:…………………..[ 720p-imsorny
credit to 300mbfilms.com

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Mati Suri DVDrip


The story opens with Abel (Nadine), who will be married to Vishnu (Yama). Glad to be the plan, Abel certainly share his happiness with good pal Charlie (Keith). But what happened, Abel precisely the arrival of a pregnant woman who claimed that the conceived child is a child of Vishnu and begged Abel to cancel the wedding, if not, then he will mess up their marriage.

Incredibly disappointed, Abel decided to commit suicide. Abel lucky soul can still be saved, in spite of the coma after he began experiencing strange events. As a child of the city, of course Abel did not believe in Satan.

So, when Charlie's stay at Villa for redecorating, Abel did not feel fear when meeting with Wida (Oxcel). Wida did not show the horrific figure, but he remained loyal to the mysterious and Abel accompany every night. However, not only Wida, Abel began terrorized many a life-threatening figure. And the only way to survive, only if Abel chose to die once again.

How the end of the story of Abel? Abel fact true that all the shadows, or it was all a banyangan simply because he was a coma or dead faint? Please know the answer you're looking for.

To be sure, by Rizal Mantovani cold hands, the movie 'Dead Queen' is able to make audiences shudder. Especially dark villa setting, and setting in the evenings more reinforce the atmosphere. Not only that, the sound of an ancient clock which always struck three times to have its own meaning.

Rizal himself confessed that the night shots really done according to time. "Taking pictures is adjusted to the scenario, we take the afternoon lunch, dinner also we take the night without any additional light," said Rizal.

Interestingly, like the typical movie ending Rizal emang dependent. But all that is returned to the spectator. "It's a good horror, its open ending. We want to after seeing the film, the audience can discuss it, "said Rizal.

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Doa yang Mengancam

Madrim (Aming) was a market porter who was always dogged by problems. Abandoned Leha (Titi Kamal), his beautiful wife, was expelled from the contract, and could no longer deal with poverty make Madrim very frustrating. Kadir (Ramzi), friends who become guardians mushola Madrim suggested Madrim remember God and pray to Him. But she feels her prayers never answered. In desperation Madrim threaten God will turn to the devil if his desire is also not met.

Until one day Madrim have the ability to wander past and the future of someone just by looking at a photograph. From his ability that he was getting a lot of money and wealth that had been his desire. But all the treasures that still does not bring happiness to Madrim. Why not create wealth Madrim happy? So what makes Madrim happy?

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Darah Janda Kolong Wewe

Gono (Mario Pratama), buck-toothed, ugly youth who do not really know themselves. Regardless of his ugliness he's crazy about that being an idol Tiger padaTrio dangdut arena. Tiger denganTrio Gono so obsessed, he did all kinds of ways. As a result he got beat the bouncer men Oma Susi (Yurike Prastica), boss Trio Macan

In his childhood tiger trio had the experience frightening, had been kidnapped and hidden by a ghost Kolongwewe ...
Gono did not know despair, pushed his friend, Throckmorton (Shiddiq Kamidi), requesting assistance Ki Riman Banyu shaman magic. Then he inherited a rope drawstring Kolongwewe, fetish conqueror of women, including Tiger Trio. Not only that heritage, Gono's face turned into a dashing handsome but because of carelessness, Gono clothes horse fell down in women. This in fact violate the taboos that involve him in big trouble, he got the prolonged terror of Kolongwewe! Kolongwewe Seseram whether ghosts? How do I deal with Gono?

Find out the answers starting April 30, 2009 in cinemas all over Indonesia. This is the first film about ghosts Kolongwewe, as well as to the trio of debutants TIGER

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Dalam dunia yang dirusak oleh infeksi virus, mengubah korbannya ke Mayat, Alice (Jovovich), terus perjalanan untuk menemukan
selamat dan memimpin mereka untuk keselamatan. pertempuran mematikan-nya dengan Umbrella Corporation mencapai ketinggian baru, tapi Alice mendapat bantuan tak terduga
dari seorang teman lama. Sebuah petunjuk baru yang menjanjikan tempat yang aman dari Mati yang membawa mereka ke Los Angeles, tetapi ketika mereka tiba Kota adalah
dibanjiri oleh ribuan Mati - dan Alice dan rekan-rekannya yang hendak melangkah ke dalam perangkap mematikan

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When in Rome (2010) DVDRip 300MB


Seorang kurator seni Beth Harper (Kristen Bell) merasa jatuh cinta adalah hal yang sulit. Bertahun-tahun tanpa kekasih membuat hidupnya hambar. Suatu hari, ia menuju ke Roma menghadiri pernikahan adiknya. Disana, ia mengambil beberapa koin dari "Air Terjun Cinta". Tak lama setelah ia kembali ke New York, ia diikuti oleh para pria yang koinnya telah ia ambil, yaitu pembuat sosis (Danny DeVito), pesulap jalanan (Jon Heder), seorang pelukis (Will Arnett), dan seorang model narsis (Dax Shepard). Sementara itu, seorang wartawan (Josh Duhamel) melakukan apa saja untuk meyakinkan Beth bahwa cinta sejati bukanlah dongeng

Jenis Film :Comedy/romance
Produser :Mark Steven Johnson, Gary Foster, Andrew Panay
Produksi :Touchstone Pictures
Durasi :91

Cast & Crew

Pemain :
  • Kristen Bell
  • Josh Duhamel
  • Will Arnett
  • Jon Heder
  • Dax Shepard
  • Danny Devito
  • Anjelica Huston
Sutradara :Mark Steven Johnson
Penulis :
  • Mark Steven Johnson
  • David Diamond
  • David Weissman

Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 [300MB-mkv]|eu
or [inchangeable]
Subtitle Indonesia

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Female Perversions (1996)


Runtime: 1 hr 54 mins
Genre: Dramas
Starring: Tilda Swinton, Amy Madigan, Karen Sillas, Frances Fisher
Director: Susan Streitfeld

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Sizzling Scenes Threesome (2006)


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Ligaw Na Kapalaran

http://www.enterupload.com/i4r0jc89ypgc/Ligaw_Na_Kapalaran.avi.008.htmlINFORMASI :
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Une Epine Dans Le Coeur (1986)


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The Sugar Daddies (1973)


mediafire link
Year: 1973
Directed: Suen Chung
Genre: Erotica / Drama
Runtime 1:27:57
Size: 829.39 MB
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin

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