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The story opens with Abel (Nadine), who will be married to Vishnu (Yama). Glad to be the plan, Abel certainly share his happiness with good pal Charlie (Keith). But what happened, Abel precisely the arrival of a pregnant woman who claimed that the conceived child is a child of Vishnu and begged Abel to cancel the wedding, if not, then he will mess up their marriage.

Incredibly disappointed, Abel decided to commit suicide. Abel lucky soul can still be saved, in spite of the coma after he began experiencing strange events. As a child of the city, of course Abel did not believe in Satan.

So, when Charlie's stay at Villa for redecorating, Abel did not feel fear when meeting with Wida (Oxcel). Wida did not show the horrific figure, but he remained loyal to the mysterious and Abel accompany every night. However, not only Wida, Abel began terrorized many a life-threatening figure. And the only way to survive, only if Abel chose to die once again.

How the end of the story of Abel? Abel fact true that all the shadows, or it was all a banyangan simply because he was a coma or dead faint? Please know the answer you're looking for.

To be sure, by Rizal Mantovani cold hands, the movie 'Dead Queen' is able to make audiences shudder. Especially dark villa setting, and setting in the evenings more reinforce the atmosphere. Not only that, the sound of an ancient clock which always struck three times to have its own meaning.

Rizal himself confessed that the night shots really done according to time. "Taking pictures is adjusted to the scenario, we take the afternoon lunch, dinner also we take the night without any additional light," said Rizal.

Interestingly, like the typical movie ending Rizal emang dependent. But all that is returned to the spectator. "It's a good horror, its open ending. We want to after seeing the film, the audience can discuss it, "said Rizal.

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